Artist Profile

Art Qualification
Portrait Artist  IPAT  USA 
Advanced Master Artist & Teacher  IPAT  USA 
Art Appreciation Course  IPAT  USA 
Master Artist & Teacher  IPAT  USA 
Certified Artist & Teacher  IPAT  USA 
Amateur Artist  IPAT  USA 
Art Teacher  WOCP  USA 
Program "Cultural Plaza"  HK TVB  2013, 2017, 2018 
3rd Porcelain Dream Exhibition  HK  2018 
Little Basel  HK  2018 
IPAT Convention  Las Vegas, USA   2016 
Chinese Art Exhibition III  HK  2016 
4th T.O.Lee Porcelain Painting Group Exhibition  T.O. Lee, HK  2016 
Porcelain Dream Exhibition II  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2014 
IPAT Convention  Orlando, USA  2014 
Chinese Art Exhibition II  HK  2014 
Discovery Bay Porcelain Exhibition  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2013 
Porcelainea  Paris, France  2013 
Porcelain Dream Exhibition  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2013 
Chinese Art Exhibition  HK  2012 
IPAT Convention   San Francisco, USA   2012 
WOCP Convention  Denver, USA  2011 
WAGCP Annual Exhibition  Perth, Australia  2011 
An Everlasting Art   Bangkok, Thailand  2010 
IPAT Convention   Texas, USA  2010  
APA Exhibition II   HK  2010  
ACF Gala Dinner   HK  2010  
APA Convention   HK  2010  
WOCP Convention   Omaha, USA  2009 
APA Summer Show   HK  2009 
IPAT Convention   Nashville, USA  2008 
HKPPC  HK  2007 
HKPPC  HK  2005 
Silver  USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2016 
Bronze  Tokyo, Japan  JPAC Convention Competition  2016 
Gold (Tw0)  USA  IPAT Convention competition  2014 
Gold  USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2012 
Silver  USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2012 
First timer Award  Perth Australia  WAGCP Annual Competition  2011 
Bronze  USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2010 
Gold  HK  APA Competition, Open Class  2010 
Silver  HK  APA Competition, Portrait Class  2010 
Bronze  HK  APA Competition, Portrait Class  2010 
Silver   USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2008 
Art Experience
IPAT Board Member, Past President    Present 
Hon Advisor  Taiwan Porcelain Art Assn  2016-2018 
Member  Fellowship of Chinese Artistry  Present 
Member  JPAC, Japan  Present 
IPAT 2nd Vice President    2014-2016 
IPAT Regional Chairman  Far East, Asia ex Japan  2010-2014 
Contributing Editor  IPAT Porcelain Artist  Present 
Founding President  IPAT Asia Chapter  Present 
Chairlady  APA Exhibtion II  2010 
Organising Committee  ACF Gala Dinner  2010 
Convention Chairlady  APA Int'l Porcelain Artists Convention   2010 
Chairlady  APA Summer Show  2009 
Exco  HKPPC  2003-2009 
Artist lecturer    Present 
Art Education
Patrizia Arvieri  Italy  Florence; Birds   2018 
Mine Berhert  France  Ottoman Design  2016 
Shuko Kishida  Japan  Lace  2016 
Ursula Liebl  Germany  European flowers  2015 
Diddy Yeung  Australia  Grapes, Air brush technique  2015 
San Do  USA  Pink roses  2014 
Mina Kwok  USA  Rose cake plate  2013 
Andreas Knobl  Germany  Tulip & feathers  2013 
Petra Kugelmeier  Germany  Bird & flowers; Meissen flowers   2013 
S. M. Li  Hong Kong  Fencai Technique  2013-2015 
Barbara Jensen  USA  Gold Work  2013 
Diddy Yeung  Australia  Pearls; Enamel birds; Portrait; Poppy; Peony  2009; 2011; 2012 
Shi Yu Ming  China  Traditional Chinese art   2012-2015 
Tatiana Dallest-Agoritsas  Switzerland  Bougainvillea  2012 
Cheri Holder  USA  Venetian Veil  2012 
Andreas Knobl  Germany  Gold fish; Parrot; Tulip; Horse  2007; 2010; 2011 
Andrew Orr  USA  Red currants; Pears; Lilacs  2007; 2010 
Beatriz Rameriz  Brazil  Jewery  2011 
Diddy Yeung  Australia  Pearls; Enamel birds; Portrait; Poppy; Peony  2009; 2011; 2012; 2015 
Etsuko Hanajima  Japan  Techniques  2015; 2009 
Filipe Pereira  Portugal  Flowers, birds, horses  2007, 08, 09 
Francoise Groves-de-Milleret  UK  Worcester fruit plate  2006 
Hong Duc Thanh  Norway  Poppies; Wild roses; Pancies; Landscape  2008; 2009; 2010 
HKU Space  HK  Chinese paintings  2003 
Jiangxi  Jingdezhen  Wucai lotus  2011 
John Bergman   USA  Wild roses & design  2009 
Josephine Robinson  Australia  Gem stones; Glass lamp painting; Iris  2006; 07 
Keiko Shimizu  Japan  Use of Luster  2006 
Mary Ashcroft Seehagen  USA  Roses, Scenery with pheasants  PPP 2011, 2012 
Mariela Villasmil-Kaminski  USA  Portrait  2009 
Peter Faust  Switzerland  Tassel, Luster peacock; Lotus & dragonfly  2018 
Petra Kugelmeier  Germany  Violets; Rose & robin; Female Cardinal  2008; 09 
Professor King  HK (CityU CC)  Cert course on design & theory in Chinese painting  2009-2010 
Rocio Borobia  Mexico  Trompe L'Oeil  2007 
Rumi Agawa  Japan  European flowers; Portrait  2011; 2013 
Yumiko Okumura  Japan  Ko-kutani  2007 
3 St. Francis portraits  Caritas Institute of Higher Education  HK 
14 Stations of the Cross  Caritas Institute of Higher Education   HK 
Butterfly Rainbow  Permanent display at WOCP Museum  USA 
Free and Happy   Permanent display at IPAT Museum  USA 
Art Publications
Article  IPAT Porcelain Artist  Contributing Editor 2010-present 
Feature artist article  Apple Daily Newspaper  2014 
Newsletter  IPAT Asia Chapter  2013-1; 2 
Educational publicaton  Porcelain Art: Success to IPAT Art Appreciation: Techniques Around the World Certification  2012 
Educational publicaton  Porcelain Art: Success to IPAT Amateur Artist Certification  2012 
Educational publicaton  Porcelain Art: Success to IPAT Master Certification   2011 
Studies & artworks  IPAT Porcelain Artist  2013 Vol 53-1, 2, 3; 2012 Vol 52-1, 2 & 3; 2011 51-2, 3 & 4; 2009 Vol 49-1 
Studies & artworks  IPAT e-education list   2013; 2010 
Articles & artworks   Posliini Plus  Mar 2010; June 2009 
Articles & artwroks   Decor Magasinet  No 1, 2 & 4 2010; No 1 2009 
Articles & artworks   WOCP The China Painter  July/August 2011; May/June 2011; Nov/Dec 2010; July/Aug 2008 
Articles & artworks   Australian Porcelain Decorator  Sept 2009; Dec 2007 
Studies  For artists & teachers  Since 2009 
Websites   For 3 porcelain assns & 3 teachers  2007-2012